Set Your Intention for 2013

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‎"Whatever we're doing could be done with one intention. That intention is that we want to wake up, we want to ripen our compassion, and we want to ripen our ability to let go. We want to realize our connection with all beings."  Pema Chodron

In the New Year, we often make resolutions to do things differently;  change our diet, visit new places, be nicer, get a new job.  Usually, these resolutions remain unfulfilled because we’re not looking at what’s behind all our actions, speech, and thoughts: our intentions.

Intention is the underlying motive that governs all that we do.   Join us at this special class and learn how to uncover your truest motivations, clarify and set an intention for the new year, and honor your intention through wisdom, not will-power.   We will plant our intention in our body/heart/mind with a guided visualization, and conclude the podcast by ceremonially tying a reminder around our wrists.  Please have a piece of cord or string or ribbon ready!

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Podcast: Setting an Intention for the New Year

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