"Psychoanalysis and Buddhism" Interview with Pilar Jennings Part 1

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This week, ID Project founder Ethan Nichtern interviews Pilar Jennings. This is the first of a two part interview.

Pilar Jennings, Ph.D. is a writer and researcher who has focused on the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation practice. She received her Ph.D. in Psychiatry and Religion from Union Theological Seminary, and has been working with patients and their families through the Harlem Family Institute since 2004. Prior to this training, she earned a Masters degree in medical anthropology from Columbia University, and a Bachelors degree in interdisciplinary writing from Barnard College. Pilar is a long-term practitioner of Tibetan and Vipassana Buddhism, and has studied with senior teachers in both traditions. Her recent book Mixing Minds, released through Wisdom Publications, explores the interpersonal dynamics between Buddhist teachers and their Western students, in comparison to the relationships between psychoanalysts and their patients. Pilar Jennings lives in New York City.  

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"Psychoanalysis and Buddhism" Interview with Pilar Jennings Part 1

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