A Buddhist Holiday Toolkit - Open Home Study - Class 1 of 4 - Part 2 of 2

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A Buddhist Holiday Toolkit - Weekly Nov. 28 - Dec. 19th

Practical Methods for Dealing with Difficult People & Frustrating Situations

IDP's new series, A Buddhist Holiday Toolkit, is being offered for free to our entire community as an opportunity to participate in our Study at Home program.  For the next four weeks, we will post the audio for the class, as well as upload class materials and provide access to the online class discussion board

11/28/12 Recorded Live at IDP - Sometimes our expectations and memories cloud our ability to see others and ourselves clearly.  In discovering Clarity with Ven. Lawrence Grecco & Kate Johnson they discuss how to simply be present with our experience, welcoming all that arises with gentleness and patience, and how this creates and allows space to clearly see what's happening in the present moment. 

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