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Remember your deepest name


Japanese teacher says:
At first light, rise.
Don’t hover between
sleep and waking,
this makes you heavy,
puts a stone inside your heart.

The minute you drift back to shore,
anchor. Breathe.
Remember your deepest name.


Sometimes objects stun me,
bamboo strainer, gray mug,
sitting exactly where
they were left.

They have not slept
or dreamt of lost faces.

I touch them carefully,
saying, tell me what you know.


Cup of waves,
strawberry balanced
in a seashell.

In morning the water seems
clear to the bottom.

No fish blocks my view.


Breaking the Fast
By Naomi Shihab Nye

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thanks Nancy!

a lovely, remarkable choice;

in full moon and rain
so many fish where i am
no wonder cats stare

<3 :) joren

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