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Dharma Connect: Finding Calm in a Cab

A Manhattan taxi cab is one of the last places you'd expect to find ease or to try shamata -- calm-abiding -- meditation. But if you take a cab this week, you may find yourself listening to guided meditations (in addition to honking horns and screeching brakes).The meditations are being shown on Taxi TV as part of Elena Brower's Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her On Meditation project, according to this piece on Goop.

Brower, who’s also an executive producer of the project, says the On Meditation films “highlight and amplify the accessibility, beauty, and simplicity of meditation.” And she’s proving it so: After all, if you can meditate in a taxi, you can really do it anywhere.

No word on whether the drivers are taking part.



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if you take a cab this weeks

if you take a cab this weeks time, you might discover yourself enjoying advised relaxation techniques. The relaxation techniques are being proven on Cab TV as aspect of Elena Brower's Kickstarter strategy to increase resources for her On Relaxation project..........

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