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Real Happiness Week Two: I love to alleviate suffering!

In a talk last year at the New York City Shambhala Center, angel Kyodo Williams said that if your practice isn't in some way alleviating suffereing, you should change practices. I really appreciated this strong remark because it forced me to realize all the ways, big and small and medium, that my practice IS alleviating suffering. 

Doing the Real Happiness Challenge is reminding me again and again of these varied breaks from suffering. The precise simple instructions help me to put aside any mangled instructions I might carry to my seat. I am practicing in a very clean way, walking on a tightrope with a sky full of possibilities.
I can feel the breaks in my physical aches and pains and I can easily find joy, even within my doubtful worrying mind. I am seeing, all the time how great people are, how hard they are trying and I can be very direct while maintaining compassion. 
And, I love it. I love alleviating suffering. I love to be of assistance to others in that practice too. So if you are doing the challenge, keep it up or start today! 
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