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Seven Buddhist Vows for the Holiday Season

This time of year can be extremely challenging for many of us. There's all kinds of pressure and expectations in the air. Strained family relationships often come to a head, and memories of past holidays have a way of creeping their way back into our consciousness.

These seven vows can help get us through these next few weeks because they address a lot of the issues we get confronted with amidst the chaos created by holiday parties, family gatherings, and intensive capitalist marketing:

1. I vow to keep a curious and open mind when relating to others, and to refrain from assuming things about them.

2. I vow to maintain a fresh outlook when dealing with friends and family, and to refrain from interpreting their every word and deed.

3. I vow to be mindful of of my own actions and their potential consequences, and to refrain from judging the actions of others.

4. I vow to cultivate harmony whenever possible, and to refrain from contributing to situations that promote conflict.

5. I vow to be fully present with things as they are now, and to refrain from indulging negative stories about my past.

6. I vow to speak kindly, and to refrain from speech that inspires divisiveness. 

7. I vow to practice loving-kindness without expecting anything back in return.

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Not for holidays only

Just read this and love it. I will print it for myself and keep it at work as a reminder in my everyday dealings when under stress.

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