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Friendship Makes Grocery Shopping Fun For Our Whole Family

I used to dread grocery shopping.  Even thinking about it made me want to run screaming. The fluorescent lights, the cold grey surfaces, and the utilitarian feel of the activity. I hated that I hated it, and hated that I couldn’t seem to feel any other way about it. Then, one day, something – which felt like everything – changed. (Cue the music.) No longer dreadful, the experience brought inner-calm. And, dare I say it, I even looked forward to our weekly shopping excursion. This exponential shift is directly attributable one thing, friends: friendship.

My family and I met Doug shortly after we decided to try a new grocery store. Unassuming in its endeavor, we thought the benefit would manifest in the tangible offerings and more competitive prices. It did, but it didn’t compare to what we’ve gotten back from meeting Doug.

At first we exchanged quick hellos and cordial sign-offs.  But our interactions quickly grew. Doug made us feel welcome by remembering our names and greeting us with his open interest and attention.  He held our eye contact for as long as we offered ours, and never rushed away, or indicated something more important took priority.  Our introductory one-liners quickly grew to stop-and-stand conversations that became grounded in history.  We know about his hobbies, family, and travel.  He knows about and shares our cares and concerns.  He holds conversations with our children, plays games with them, walks them through the store while listening to tales of their adventures. When our dog, Claude, was sick, Doug expressed deep sympathy.  He shared our story with his co-workers who also offered support and made weekly inquiries as to his well-being and ours.  Our circle grew, as did our feeling of connectedness.

Now when we visit Doug in the store, my family and I are greeted as though we’re coming home.  My children come through the door, take off running, and are accepted with open arms.  They are looked after, engaged with, offered stickers and candy (which Doug replaces with flowers and celery – thank you, Doug!), and made to feel like they, we – all of us – are connected through one big family.  Our change in grocery geography not only redefined our shopping experience, it redefined for us the power of friendship. Thank you, Doug, for warming our outlook, and our hearts.  ~Karma Mamma


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