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Lady Gaga Meets HH Dalai Lama - China Bans Her Music

Lady Gaga and HH Dalai Lama met June 26 in Indiana, where the 30 year old singer interviewed His Holiness on the topic of kindness.  They were both in the midwest to participate at the United States Conference for Mayors 

During their 20-minute talk, the singer shared questions from young people on topics such as meditation, depression and loneliness, and world peace. Particularly insightful was his response to the question, "How can I feel at peace with so  much horror in the world?"

"So when a problem happens, looking too closely at it makes it seem like it's unbearable [because it's the only thing you see].  Looking at it from a wider perspective, then you can see that yes, there is a problem and I have to face it, but there are very positive and happy things [in the world} too.  This self-confidence is essential [to the world]."

Two days later, China announced that all Lady Gaga related content is now banned, after Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hong Lei, said that China would like people to be aware of HHDL's "true colors and nature."





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