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Real Happiness Challenge: Week 4: It's On!

The meditation which has been most beneficial to me, and both the easiest and most difficult to practice, is Lovingkindness or Metta meditation.  Week Four of the Real Happiness Challenge is devoted to Metta, which involves repeating phrases of goodwill to different people or living beings. 

I always wanted to believe that other people regarded me as an angel of peace and kindness, radiating patience and love like a heavenly spiritual being, guru or yogi.  So when first encountering Metta, I thought, "Aha!  This will transform me into the saint I long to become!"  What a disappointment that turned out to be.

Practicing LKM re-wires our conditioned patterns so we can begin to approach all our experiences with openness and patience.  Instead of resisting anger or frustration, we can simply live with it and allow it to be without reacting to it or changing it.   Practicing Metta hasn't transformed me into the divine being I hoped to be, but it has made me so much more friendly and spacious and grateful to the human being I actually am. 


IDP is participating in lineage mentor Sharon Salzberg's REAL HAPPINESS Meditation Challenge.  This 28-day practice follows the the program outlined in Sharon’s New York Times bestseller, Real Happiness for the entire month of February. We encourage everyone to join us; since 2011, thousands have participated in this challenge which will help you develop your meditation with support from the entire community.

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