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Mingyur Rinpoche Returns from Retreat

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche After RetreatYongey Mingyur Rinpoche, a popular Tibetan teacher who has written several best-selling books and is the leader of the Tergar Meditation Community, has returned from his wandering retreat.  From Tergar this morning: "We are absolutely delighted to inform you that Mingyur Rinpoche has emerged from his retreat! We were overjoyed to receive this news earlier today. As we learn more details about his plans and activities we will keep you updated."

The Interdependence Project community have been keeping our hearts open for this teacher, who visited us a few months before his retreat began, and we wrote about his surprise decision to become a wandering yogi and his heartfelt letter with instructions and encouragement for his students. 

In 2014, his former assistant unexpectedly ran into him into him in Yolmo, deep in the Himalayas, where he had been living in poverty and isolation.  At that time, he said, 

Food and clothing have been hard to come by and I have felt cold, hungry, and thirsty. Even when I have begged for alms, I received nothing but insults and harsh words. At other times, I have received food and clothing effortlessly, without even asking for them, and in my mind it felt as though I were enjoying the pleasures of the gods.

While I have experienced both happiness and suffering, the most important thing is that a deep and heartfelt sense of certainty has arisen in the depths of my being, such that no matter what happens, I know that the true nature of these experiences, their very essence, is that of timeless awareness and vast compassion.

You can read more about his return at this link.  We're so glad to welcome him back to the sangha. 

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, may your lotus feet be stable and your activity flourish, and may you be protected from harm.  

You can listen to the audio of his talk at IDP here.




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