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Daily Connect: Mindfulness App Gets $30 Million in Funding

Headspace received $30 million in funding this week to expand their services.  In one press release, they were described as a "leading digital health and wellness media brand", though most of us know Headspace as a mindfulness app, and they were founded by a former Buddhist monk who leads their guided meditations.  

 An article in Techcrunch says that,

Headspace has 3 million users in over 150 countries who use the app in two ways: “There are those that use the product when they’re stressed out or if they’re having trouble with relationships. We have users who use the product the week prior to playing golf. That’s one user group,” Headspace CEO Sean Brecker told me. “The other uses the product on the regular routine basis. they may use it four to five times a week. It’s a routine, as people do with going to the gym.”


Like many in the Buddhist community, I'm curious about how contemplative and mindfulness practices are being used for different purposes - medical, stress-relief, job performance, looking at personal biases such as racism, enlightenment, compassion development, etc.  There are many opinions among practioners about how traditional techniques should be taught and concerns about their potential for misuse, though it seems too soon to tell what the ultimate outcome will be of so many people learning and practicing mindfulness.   




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