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Metta Month - An Ending and a Beginning

Back in June, at the beginning of the summer, IDP decided to offer a weekly Metta/Lovingkindness Meditation practice, on Fridays from 6-7pm. When planning the offering, I wondered if anyone would attend - sometimes it's quiet during the summer, especially on weekends.  Also, new offerings at IDP take time to grow and for people to learn about them, so the first few dates can start off with just a few students. Other times, the scheduling is inconvenient or the topic just doesn't appeal to our community, and the event is cancelled due to lack of interest. IDP Metta

Starting with that very first night, 15-20 people have been attending our weekly Metta/LKM Group.  Many, if not most, are neither Buddhists nor experienced meditators, just people who want to work with their mind and their heart and to benefit themselves and others. Several students have shared what it's like to practice Lovingkindness meditation over the past ten weeks: noticing that they have less anger and hatred toward a difficult person; feeling more patience with themselves and their colleagues; and becoming mindful to what is really happening moment-to-moment in their body and mind. 

New York City can be a hectic and dehumanizing place, and the U.S. today can seem like the most greedy and selfish time in history.  Sometimes I feel very discouraged. I'm grateful for the students practicing at IDP, who remind me that we're supported by so many others just like us, all over the world, who are also developing their natural human qualities of compassion and wisdom.

Our third annual Metta Month concludes today.  Thank you for participating and for continuing to participate.  May your practice flourish and the merits of your efforts fill the universe with the boundless states of metta, karuna, mudita, and upekkha, for the benefit of all beings. 

Deep bows of gratitude. 

IDP's Friday night Metta/LKM Sitting Group will continue to meet weekly.  It's a drop-in event, and pre-registration is not necessary. We're offering it on a donation basis, and request each participant to make a generous donation according to their means. No one with financial difficulties will be turned away.


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