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Metta Month Begins Tomorrow! Take the 30 Day Lovingkindness Challenge

metta sutta

Every August, IDP commits to and supports Metta (aka Lovingkindess) meditation practice. Because we know that each and every person can learn to be more compassionate, kinder, and more patient -- it just takes effort.  Make the effort starting tomorrow and take the challenge -- commit to 30 days of lovingkindness practice with the entire IDP community. 

We'll support each other here at our blog, and on Facebook and Twitter.  And meditate together separately with the IDP Secular Buddhist group on the Insight Timer app, and write a Journal entry about your experience on our website.

Our Metta Month weekly courses An Introduction to Lovingkindness Meditation and Befriending Fear and Anxiety, are available in-person and via Home Study, and if you're in NYC, join us every Friday, 6-7pm, for our Metta Sitting Group

Metta Practice Instructions available here!




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