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Valentine's Day in December

During the holiday season, please take some time off to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and friends. Find time to be with nature, to enjoy the stars, and the white clouds and to truly come home and be at home within ourselves, as Thay [Thich Nhat Han] always encourages us to do. You may like to write love letters instead of spending money and consuming more. The New Year is a wonderful opportunity to begin anew with ourselves and let go of resentments and regret.

Until then, may you and your family touch true peace and happiness.

May you be able to enjoy your true home.   The Nuns and Monks of Plum Village

It's easy to forget that we have the choice to create a special, sacred, and festive time during which we can celebrate and appreciate ourselves and each other.  We can transform the holiday season into a time of lovingkindness, and make every day Valentine's Day.  



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