How to Submit a Journal

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Please review our Rules & Guidelines for Posted Material before creating your Journal entry.

To Set-up Your Post:

- To get started click here, or select "Write a Journal" from the blog page.

- Enter Title, Select Category (This helps other people find your post if searching by topic)

- Choose a Preview Image For your Post. Click "Upload" or "Remote URL" to use a link from a webpage on another site (like Flickr, or Picasa), Note: This image will only be visible on the pages that preview the full blog post, it won't show up in the body of the post.

- If your post is a submission for an InterActs Project choose which project you are submitting it for.


Assembling Post Content

- Fill out Post in "Body" Field - Write from the Heart! Use Editor at the top to make formatting changes.

- To insert an image: Click on "Image" icon on Editor bar, and paste image url into URL field. Make any adjustments to size or alignment. If you need to upload an image, you can do so by clicking the "Browse Server" button, and then clicking "upload."

(image thumbnail looks like this)

- To insert a video: Copy video url from YouTube, Vimeo, or another viable video host into the "Embed Video" field.


Saving Your Post

- If you would like to save a draft without publishing, you can unselect the "Published" box in the "Publishing Options" drop-down just above the "Save" and "Preview" buttons and then click "Save".

- Click "Preview" to see what your post will look like(without publishing it)

- Select "Published" in the check box and click "Save" to publish

To Insert an Image from your iPad

To insert an image from your ipad, follow the tutorial at this link:

If you have further questions, please contact [email protected].













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