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Quote and Video of the Day: Jack Kornfield and David Nichtern

Jack Kornfield, Meditation Teacher

I'm hoping to post a daily quote and video on the Interdependence Project blog. Anything that's about meditation, Buddhism, and all of the ways we can apply mindfulness to the 21st century world, please send them to me here. Below is the quote of the day and the video of the day, featuring meditation teachers Jack Kornfield and David Nichtern, respectively.




"Religion and philosophy have their value, but in the end all we can do is open to mystery and live a path with heart" - Jack Kornfield



What is the Future of Buddhism in the West?

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I Googled "thich nhat hanh quote dishes" trying to find the "before you save the world do your dishes" quotation and the first page in the search was Ethan's post from ten months ago on the old blog including the quote. As it is still an awesome organization of words I quote it again here, lifted from Ethan's post:

"To my mind, the idea that doing dishes is unpleasant can occur only when you aren't doing them. Once you are standing in front of the sink with your sleeves rolled up and your hands in the warm water, it is really quite pleasant. I enjoy taking my time with each dish, being fully aware of the dish, the water, and each movement of my hands. I know that if I hurry in order to eat dessert sooner, the time of washing dishes will be unpleasant and not worth living. That would be a pity,for each minute, each second of life is a miracle. The dishes themselves and that fact that I am here washing them are miracles!"

-Thich Nhat Hanh
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

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