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Message from my Body: Stop Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

My body isn't thrilled with some of my wardrobe choices, apparently. I didn't know this until I actually listened. Or rather, until I asked.

This was originally written as a freewrite journal exercise for a Mindfulness and Writing class on the relationship between writing and the body. The prompt was, “What is your body telling you that you haven’t been listening to?”) I recommend doing a body scan meditation first, then journaling for about 15 minutes and allowing whatever comes up to live on the page. For me, it was fascinating.


Warrior Clothes

Be kind to me
Don’t wear tight clothes
Perhaps they look better
But they make me feel like you don’t want people to see me

Why don’t you want to take up a little space?

Are you afraid of offending someone—
Like you are offended
By the men who spread their legs open
To take up two subway seats—?
This is not the same thing
Be kind to me

When you wear something that feels like a rope around your waistline
It’s like you are trying to tame me
Tie me up
How can I move about the world if I’m tied up?

I’m already small
Five foot one inches tall
If I’m being honest
Five foot and three quarters
Why are you trying to make me even smaller?
Do you want me to disappear?
How then, will I move about the world?

When stiff pant legs wrap around me
I can’t extend
Or bend
Just what are you hoping to accomplish?

When you affix unwieldy heights
To the bottoms of my feet
And I have to take baby steps
And the next day the sides of my feet throb
Just what are you hoping to accomplish?

Take a deep breath right now—
See how easy that is?

I beg you to remember this
The next time you are getting dressed
And choose the kinder choice


The next Mindfulness and Creative Writing class at IDP is on Saturday, April 20th, from 1-3pm. Bring pen, paper, your mind/heart and body.

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This is so beautiful Emily!

This is so beautiful Emily! Thank you for sharing.

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