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The Unreliable Quilter

I can only speak for myself, and I am pretty good at doing that. Like many of us, I am quite accomplished at weaving my own narrative.

The internet has broken down many - if not most - of our collaborative cultural tapestry-narratives by giving each of us the ability to craft and share our own, which gives us agency to pull at the loose threads of the big one.

This is not a bad thing. The more stories, the better. Pull it. Pull it good.

As more independent quilters emerge, the dominant narrative falls under the increasingly feeble control of ersatz authority. Consequently, it looks sillier by the day.

Tell your story. Tell it loud and proud. Quilt up a storm. Share quilting skills. This age of individual expression affords us the opportunity to finally see individuals who have been hidden under the big, collective quilt for so long. Now that we've exposed all of our divisions, we are within our rights to work on our own quilts before we try to come to terms on creating another big one.

But remember that it is what it is, and you are what you are, and aren't.

No matter what noble purposes our stories accomplish, it's worth reminding ourselves, on occasion, that we aren't really much more than shaking, perforated bags of cells coping with stage fright. Or Quilting Bee fright.

There is no there there. There doesn't necessarily need to be a happy ending, because the story wasn't true to begin with. It wasn't false, either. Just well-crafted fiction. Which, I believe is better at accomplishing noble purposes when it is taken as storytelling and not hardcore, universal truth.

I can only speak for myself.


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