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I am sitting in a small walk-up apartment on North Spaulding Avenue. I am sitting in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, located in the Midwest region of the United States of America.

It is a sunny spring day with a warm breeze. My window is open. I can hear children playing, snatches of conversation (“I'm not just going to sue my mother-in-law”), and the sounds of construction. The breeze blows gently across my bare skin as I sit here.

I hear the rumble of the Blue Line CTA train as it passes underground near my building.

The north-bound Blue Line terminates at O'Hare airport and that's where I would be headed if I were getting out of Chicago which I really want to do and I might be able to do it soon if I can find a job in Los Angeles which is where I would really rather live as long as I can be doing work that I care about and I'm going to back to school to learn a new trade which might enable me to move back there and this might be my last post for awhile because I might just become another office drone and give up on writing and comedy before I've really seriously given them a chance because I think this might work out for me and life ain't always what you expected don't you know sometimes something completely different comes along and you have to jump on opportunities man and I could be on that train very soon maybe by the end of 2015 and oh god oh god I have so much to do.


My body is weary and slowly recovering from an upper-respiratory infection. My breath has a rough grain. My posture is straight. “Upright but not uptight.” In my center, I sense stoutness and light.

I want to fidget. I want to get up and pace. I am ready for action!


Right now, right here, this is my home.

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