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Yes, it’s April Fools, a “holiday” I’ve never quite understood how it came to pass, but it does raise the question of humor and pranks in our lives. One of the knocks on Buddhism is that by being ok with whatever is happening a kind of flat-lining starts to happen. There may be no more suffering, but there is also no joy. Of course, anybody who has spent time in the company of Buddhist monks will tell you that they laugh all the time and had a wonderful sense of humor, but far be it for facts and evidence to ever interrupt a hard worn belief. Hmm...

I don’t really play practical jokes myself, at least I haven’t in years, and I don’t know that my family would appreciate them anyway, but in the spirit of the day, I suggest we all take time to laugh at something. Preferably, laugh with something, but at is all right so long as it’s not vicious or mean-spirited.

So, go for it. Do something silly, have a laugh, and share it with somebody who could use it.

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