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Embodying the Teachings: A Daylong Retreat

In our culture, we place a high emphasis on intellectual learning. Yet our personal growth seems to depend on how we translate what we read and hear into some deeper, possibly wordless understanding. Even Suzuki Roshi once said about his own (brilliant) lectures, "It is like giving you a recipe. It doesn't work. You cannot eat a recipe." 

So how do we grow the teachings in our heart and in our body, and in the whir of New York City no less?

On November 1, IDP teachers Kate Johnson and I will be leading a special, daylong workshop designed to integrate traditional teachings with the experience of embodiment. We will be drawing on contemporary methodologies ranging from movement meditation to the Alexander Technique to social change.

"Embodying the Teachings," 10 AM-5 PM, November 1 at IDP

em·bod·y (əmˈbädē/) verb: “give a concrete form to; personify,” or “to collect into a body; organize.”

Cultivating embodied awareness allows us to bring the lamp of mindfulness through our whole day, not just in our formal sitting meditation. With embodiment, we naturally develop curiosity and compassion towards ourselves and our relationships. We learn how the small moments of our lives – brief interactions and transitions, unpleasantries and surprises – need not be lost or wasted, but can become an integrated part of spiritual practice.

In this workshop, multiple streams will be employed to ground us and help us explore: from meditation to social change, and from yoga to the Alexander Technique. Participants will practice mindful movements including gentle yoga to Chi gong, body scans, as well as a posture clinic using the Alexander Technique. Also, participants will be taught meditation techniques for sitting, standing, walking, and lying down.

Designed for beginners as well as those with an established meditation practice. Chairs, cushions, mats, and blocks will be provided.

An "early bird" discount of $77 is in effect until October 17.

I'm also offering a six week series at IDP which practices the theme of embodiment in working with difficult circumstances, "Embracing Discomfort: Relating to Your Body with the Power of Mindfulness," beginning on Monday, November 2.

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