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February 12, 2017
As a society, it's fair to say that we have a fraught relationship with food. We eat our feelings. We starve our feelings. We binge. We purge. We use food as a tribal signifier. We throw away the leftovers and leave the cake out in the rain....
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October 2, 2013
The day after watching my paternal grandmother die, I started cooking. A lot. After losing both of my grandmothers in the span of a few months this summer, it was the only thing I could think to do. It was the only thing that comforted me....
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July 25, 2013
Innumerable labors brought us this food. May we know how it comes to us. Receiving this offering, let us consider whether our virtue and practice deserve it. Desiring the natural order of mind, let us be free from greed, hate and delusion. We eat to...
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May 17, 2013
A friend of mine became interested in attending classes at IDP because, she said, she wanted to find something that had a se
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October 28, 2012
I was just in the Middle East on my honeymoon. I could tell you a million things about how great Jordan is, how safe it is, all the wonderful things about Islamic practices, etc. But what I really want to talk about is what I learned about dignity,...
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September 23, 2012
We can Eat flesh Flesh is not cruel It does not Kill   Flesh Wants No revenge Leaves behind No curse   “Eat me And you will live One more day,” flesh says.   All beings want what we want All beings want what we want All beings want...
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January 4, 2012
What processes do the cocoa beans go through in order to arrive at the sweet, sweet taste?
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December 1, 2011
I love Thanksgiving. For one day we stop and give thanks. Every year I see people get genuinely choked up about their many blessings, family, bountiful food, a warm home, and it’s beautiful. And then... it ends.
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June 3, 2011
In mindfulness practice, we come back to the breath because it's something that is always there. In my own practice, I've tried to locate the aspects of my life that are 'always there' and focus on them for the expansion of my...
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January 19, 2011
"If we are to save ourselves from spiritual materialism ...  the introduction of boredom and repetitiousness is extremely important.  Without it we have no hope."   - Trungpa Rinpoche from "The Myth of Freedom...
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November 17, 2010
Receiving a gift of food, shelter, a Mercedes Benz -- there can be as much rejection of the world as when one is stingy with their change. Graciously receiving a gift is as much an act of opening as giving one is.
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November 3, 2010
  A study done at Carnegie Mellon University revealed that the vast majority of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the American food system occur during the production of food, and that final transportation of the food only accounts for...
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