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September 19, 2015
"It's a meditation," the dance instructor says, coaxing me to relax and follow him in the tango.
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August 7, 2014
I often feel that my kids are pint-sized Buddhas.  They force me to get all sorts of uncomfortable and face things I'd love to distract away.   They call me out on emotions I'm otherwise quick to dismiss or bury.  And when I...
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July 25, 2011
May 17, 2011
How do you take notice and just "BE" or better yet, What do you DO with what you have now come to know?
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March 17, 2011
This past Monday, I attended an incredible talk by Sebene Selassie, delivered at the people of color sitting group at New York Insight Meditation Center.  I was so touched and inspired by it, and so I thought I’d riff on it for this...
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