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Dharma Conect: Authentic Accessing through paving a Path with Interest&Practice


Where are you & What’s coming up?
In contemplating the layers between space and action,
I'm beginning to feel that lacking any control of mind makes plans feel fleetingly temporary.

By paving both path and practice these last six weeks,
I’ve uncovered layers of awareness, rooted in resistance that blend the past, present, & future.

Whether it's observing the details of our personal lives or authentically accessing beliefs like Buddhism, there seems to be rise an inevitable challenge of experiencing the mind because we’re either just not that used to it...or have made a habit in being dizzied by confusion as a conclusion 

Regardless of what stage or state it’s in, we can get hooked on forms of avoidance, sensitivity, or grasping—by viewing the “ephemeral” as permanent & causing ourselves unnecessary suffering.

5 ways to help others and ourselves with suffering include:
Proximity// Attunement//Sympathy//Mentalizing//& Empathy

 & the good ol advice of being able to distinguish insight from discursive thought. 

I find the latter to be an imperative part  of forming a cohesive connection in the moment
(even when the only thing sensible is a state of understanding impermanence.)

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