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THE NOW - It Shows Up Uninvited

But don't worry, we can shield ourselves from "The Now" by watching Channel 4 news!  Or at least that's what is implied by this ad.

When I first saw this ad on the street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, I did a double take.  Is this real?  We're calling "The Now" "uninvited"?

Sure, like anyone, I'd like to shield myself from floods like the one depicted in the ad, but do I feel that the now is "uninvited"?  It just shows up without a call and without an rsvp!

Thinking that what happens in the world, "the now," is uninvited must mean that what is invited is only what we like, prefer, and have planned for.

This ad shows clearly one of the most central ways that Buddhist practice goes against the stream.  When we practice a meditative discipline, we are trying to open to life just as it is:  planned or unplanned, pleasant or unpleasant, flood or no flood, and we learn that no amount of tensing or thinking into the future can shield us from the present moment.

There are, of course, Buddhist news outlets that mostly convey news about Buddhism, but what I'd be interested to see is a news platform regarding current events from a contemplative perspective.  Does that exist? 

If there were a Buddhist news station, maybe the ad would say "The Now - Don't just listen to us; see for yourself," as Buddha is known to have said to his tutees. 

Attending classes at IDP and meditating more consistently influences the way I view the world around me.  I've become more inquisitive about pedestrian things I used to take for granted, like the ad above, and other signs, images, and situations in public space.

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there used to be

a monthly newspaper called The Dot, in Shambhala, whose slogan was "Nothing happens -- and we report it."

I think it's up to you to contemplate the news in your own time. it's just information for you to consider.

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